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Engine for drone and helicopter

Altitude operation
The engine is designed to work up to at least 3.000m altitude. The power available will be about 30% less than at MSL (roughly about 7 kW). On the other hand fuel efficiency is slightly improving with altitude. However demonstration was performed up to 1.000m so far.Further testing at higher altitude needs to be performed.

Dual engine application
Possible and demonstrated. Each engine needs its own ECU, pump, fuel valves and so on. Each engine shall drive its own Delrin gear with free wheel hub in the center (to avoid driving the other engine in the event of single engine failure). Both Delrin gears can be fitted to the same single lay shaft driving one main helicopter gear box.

Lifting capability (vertical helicopter take off between MSL and 1.000m altitude) Depending on quality and efficiency of main and tail rotor system. We recommend a two bladed main and tail system. Main rotor diameter about 3m, tail rotor diameter of about 0,6m. As with most helicopters, if the blade profiling and rpm are right the lifting capability is about 4kg per horse power. As one engine develops 10,6kW/14 HP the single engine helicopter shall be able to have about 50-60 kg max Take Off Weight. The dual set up can be as heavy as 100-120 kg max TOW. As with all helicopters during cruise (forward speed) the required power is a lot less than during vertical take off and landing.

Gas Turbine Gearbox Dual Engine Application
Tubine for Drone and Helicopter